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What Does MusicAnswers Do?

MusicAnswers is a non-profit, music rights advocacy organization looking to create a new generation of informed, compensated and respected music creators. We use our platform to share education information, provide helpful resoruces and petition for better music industry legislation.

What Do I Need to Know as an Independent Music Creator?

Some of the basic things to need to be mindful of are: how to distribute, how to collect your royalties (the MLC, SoundExchange, PROs...), how to register your copyright and how to find affordable legal aid. All of which you can find detailed information HERE

What Does It Mean to Become A Signatory of MusicAnswers?

This means that you have read our Declaration of Principles and endorse our campaign to petition for better, more fair legislation in the music industry, specifically as it pertains to songwriters, artists, musicians and all other music creators . To become a signatory today, click HERE

What is the MLC? What is SoundExchange?

The MLC administers blanket mechanical licenses to eligible streaming/download services in the US and collects the resulting composition royalties.

SoundExchange administers the statutory license, and ensures the correct gathering and distribution of digital performance royalties for the sound recording.

More detailed info here

Why Should I Copyright My Works?

Well first you should know that simply by creating a work, you already hold the copyright! Registering it just protects you legally, in the event that you are unjustly compensated, poorly credited or infringed upon in any other ways. Which is why We believe it's crucial to register. For more info, click here

Where Can I Find Affordable Legal Aid?

If you’re looking for general legal assistance on artistic-related matters/disputes, such as: contracts, intellectual property, etc., then VLA is the way to go! **note: they are NY, NJ and CT based only, but offer a list of other volunteer services throughout the US**

For more specific help in creating contracts (i.e. co-ownership agreements, producer agreements, etc.) then check out CoSynd!

Click here for details...

What Music Rights Legislation Should I Be Aware Of?

Some important music legislation that all music creators should be aware of, includes: “The Music Modernization Act”, “The CASE Act”, “The Sonny Bono Copyright Term Extension Act”....just to name a few. For more information of legislation, public documents and general music industry knowledge, click HERE

How Can I Contact MusicAnswers?

You can contact us HERE by filling out our Contact Us form

Also, always feel free to DM us on socials for quick questions about the music industry, music creator rights and general chit-chat!

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