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In this section we share informative articles pertaining to music creator rights, links to important industry legislation and documents--with brief explanations, general industry must-knows and so much more!

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1. Articles of Interest

This Billboard article says “The MLC reports more than $400 million in adjusted royalties were underpaid between 2018 and 2022, but the actual amount still left to be paid out is likely smaller.”

Written by: Kristin Robinson

This RollingStone article says “Reps. Rashida Tlaib and Jamaal Bowman introduced the bill, which would establish a new royalty fund that bypasses labels and pays recording musicians directly”

Written by: Jon Blistein

Tiffany Red at a 2022 protest on Sunset Blvd. (Photo: Adam Battaglia)

This Variety article says “The 100 Percenters Launch Two Initiatives to Combat Sexual Abuse in Music Industry”. The project is spearheaded by music rights activist, Tiffany Red and is set to launch April 2024.

Written by: Jem Aswad

For More Links to Music Rights Articles and Other Advocacy Organizations

2. Legislation & Documents

The Music Modernization Act

Enacted in October of 2018, the Music Modernization Act (MMA) aimed to address issues in the music industry by streamlining mechanical royalty payments and ensuring fair compensation for songwriters and artists in the digital streaming era.

While some believe the MMA represents progress in modernizing music law and creating efficiency in royalty collection--having established the Mechanical Licensing Collective (MLC) to simplify that process, some songwriters and musicians have expressed concerns about not only the adequacy of mechanical royalty rates set by the Copyright Royalty Board (CRB) but also the proactiveness of the MLC to inform independent music creatives of its existence. The result being many songwriters and creatives not knowing they have to register and therefore never receiving said royalties.

*mechanical royalties: Royalties earned through the reproduction or distribution of composition-copyrighted works, in digital and physical formats.

Below are some sources for those wanting more in depth information and perspectives:

The CASE Act

Enacted in December of 2020, The CASE Act, or the Copyright Alternative in Small-Claims Enforcement Act, is legislation designed to provide a more accessible and efficient means for creators to protect their copyrights.

Traditionally, pursuing copyright infringement claims through the legal system has been costly and time-consuming, especially for independent artists and small creators. The CASE Act aims to address this by establishing a small claims tribunal within the U.S. Copyright Office where creators can resolve disputes without the need for expensive legal representation or lengthy court proceedings.

Below are some sources for those wanting more in depth information on what the CASE Act is and how to know if a claim has been filled against you:

Documents & Statements From

The Council of Music Creators

We invite you to read about some of the important issues facing music creators today, courtesy of the Council of Music Creators, one of our supporting organizations. The more we know, the more unified our voices can be. Click on the titles, below, to learn more.

Documents & Statements From


3. General Knowledge

For More Creator Specific Information On Things Such As:

  • What the MLC is and How to Register
  • What SoundExchange is and How to Register
  • What PROs (Performance Rights Organizations) Are and How to Register
  • Different Types of Music Copyright and How to Registration
  • Affordable Legal Aid

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More Relavent Articles!

Who Gets Paid for a Stream?

This Billboard article explains how royalties flow from plays to rights holders. highlighting how revenue is distributed among various stakeholders like artists, songwriters, and record labels.

Written by: Glenn Peoples

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Welcome to the ‘Royalty Black Box,’ the Music Industry’s $2.5 Billion Underground Economy

“It’s an entire underground economy that nobody likes to talk about. Especially the people making billions off of it.” - Digital Music News

Written by: Paul Resnikoff

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Why Independent Musicians Are Becoming The Future Of The Music Industry

This Forbes article discusses the shift away from traditional record labels and the growing opportunities for artists to create their own career online

Written by: Melissa Daniels

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